Runner’s High

Early evening runs, where I go out and run at a nice, relaxing, pace for half an hour to an hour or more, are just heaven!

Most folks work during the daytime, and morning runs are a perfect meditation for the upcoming events of the day ahead. For me, those early evening runs, when the sun is going down while I take my last long strides, are what elevate my mind out of the humdrum of the day and bring me to a higher, happier, mindset.

When I lived on the beach in California, after my evening ten miler from the Venice Beach Boardwalk to Santa Monica–five miles there and five miles back– it was my habit to always follow my run with a cool down on the beach, breathing deeply of the wonderful sea air. Nowadays, living as I do in the mountains of Baguio City in the Philippines, it is breath-taking vistas of trees and more trees, luxuriating in the perfect climate that is the hallmark of my post-run cool down. I feel so filled with wonder, so blessed, that when my run is finished, I can be here admiring nature’s beauty.

After my evening run I am relaxed, and hopefully I can have nothing more strenuous than leisure time to look forward to for the rest of the evening. Many runners I know, like myself, have post-run rituals that we indulge in as we reflect on our lives and savor the last of our running meditation. I love taking a long hot shower.

I enjoy stretching in the shower or getting down on my knees, just to appreciate life and to remind myself not to take life for granted. It is not a religious act, being on my knees, but part of a ritual encompassing the daily cycle of life.

Running, in my opinion, creates a positive domino effect on life. If we run, then we care about our diet. If we are relaxed as a result of running, then we are better parents and better people. Okay, I know I am being a little “preachy” and idealistic here, but I believe that there are many positive results that can be achieved directly because of our addiction to running! When one’s health is good–thanks to running–then most all else takes a back seat; because one feels good – – great even – – and life’s difficulties are easier to handle.

At the end of the run, and after the rituals which follow it, it is my habit to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages of choice. I think of it as my reward for a run and meditation well done and well enjoyed. Indulging in a few drinks is not the reward of choice for everyone–we each have personal preferences as to what we consider a reward. My reward is a few vodka tonics, or a few glasses of wine, served together with a delectable array of appetizers and, if possible, good company as well. Others may consider their reward a great cigar, or a healthy meal. Irregardless of what constitutes an individual’s idea of a reward, each of us deserves that indulgence because we worked for these rewards with our running.

What a great, healthy, life, both mentally and physically, we have that to attribute to our positive addiction to running!

Best of health,
Bruce Silverman

Always remember you are an athlete

My one business partner David, tips the scales at a little under 400 pounds. About six months ago, with that weight, he quit a long time smoking habit so that was a start. I was all over him to maintain an excercise discipline which for him walking made the most sense. He had in the past been inconsistent in trying to maintain a walking discipline and had a lot of excuses. Finally he understood as a young 34 year old man that he could be leaving behind a beautiful wife and 2 adorable children with three grown up step children. We have a beautiful rubber running track here in Baguio with pine trees surrounding the facility and it is a jovial place with early morning joggers and athletes from the national team working out.

Well David has now maintained his discipline, 5 days a week and will get a 6th day in every so often. Some of the initial problems of being overweight such as lower back problems have gone away and i can see he is addicted to this daily ritual. His eating habits are gradually changing which is part of the whole ball of wax. I do walk with him once in a while as a so called mentor and there are many very average runners on the track enjoying themselves.

So where are we going here. Well David is up to two and a quarter miles per walk. I figure less then 25% of the world population walks two miles a day. David is an athlete in my eyes as are the runners out there that struggle to do their short runs but maintain the daily discipline. So my words of wisdom are as such. When you go out for your daily exercise, think of yourself as an athlete as it is important to remember you are one of so few that can maintain a daily routine. I promise you this attitude will help you to improve immensely and will give you the self esteem one needs to make your walk or run or whatever your sport of choice is, a lifetime endeavor which of course gives you inner freedom

The days one hates Running

Life is full of Bio Rhythms especially at times of a senior runner. The combo of a hard work week and lots of family responsibility combined with some problems in both work and personal worlds, makes it tough sometimes to concentrate on your runs. The truth is of course that it should help to relax you and help you to deal with problems. But there are some days where the benefits feel repressive. You will curse yourself during the run. When the run is over though, you’re thankful and feeling better.

You have to be tough and understand the big picture in a not so perfect world. The big picture is you have to stick with it and understand the benefits of staying in great shape that will benefit you everyday, in short and long term physical and mental health.

So when you first wake up and dread the thought of your early morning run or get home from work stressed and tired and the thought of the run makes you hate running, or the first ten minutes of your run creates a venue where you say to yourself that reading or watching TV is a heck of a lot more fun than this physical torture, just remember that you benefit in every way by sticking with your discipline of trotting along and getting rid of the tension, reaping the health benefits of your daily running. What are your experiences?

I will share my experiences of running under the afternoon sun and why i believe no shower is required, which is good for you, office workers going back to work as a good sweaty run. Will talk about spitting and clearing the mucus from my nose in the great outdoors. Also the life style changes, like big time water consumption and diet changes as running changes life styles. Runners usually like to drink alcohol at the end of the day from my experience, especially after a nice evening run. It kind of intensifies a runner’s high.

So does running give one mental freedom? Absolutely! And that’s why for the most part, i rarely have met a runner who is unsuccessful in most aspects of their lives. In this book, we will compare other stories of runners i have met and lay out just what makes us a different breed. So yes, running is a religion to some of us.