Running and Life’s Aggressions

I know a guy who I frequently have coffee with who is a 74 years old fellow and a total intellectual. He is a retired UN employee with some unfortunate past history. He hid as a child in Belgium from the Nazi’s. His family was dirt poor but he was a shining example of the Jewish culture, using education as a weapon after the war. So he did well and all was bright. But life is a state of mind and after a horrible marriage with a lying criminal wife who escaped to another country to avoid criminal prosecution and financial misgivings, this gentleman battled his past and considered himself a manic depressive.

This gentleman found a way to survive his financial woes with a small government check and a family member’s kind help. His health was above average and was still a handsome man who had no problem dating from time to time, getting into some romance once in a while.

But he was an aggressive man who could not get past his past misfortunes and his only balancing act was his very brisk daily walks. Sometimes he would walk twice a day to balance his extreme aggression and let his past be forgotten temporarily by the feeling of calm that this walks provided.

However, he had knee pains and one day had to stop his daily walks. Swimming was his only outlet but not as a regular drill due to logistics. So he gained weight and became very temperamental in less than a month after his knee problem.

So he lost his ability to stay calm. He almost came to blows with yours truly over nonsense and foolishness that i would have nothing of, except the obvious of possible self defense. I probably would not have fought back if not attacked as this is sheer immaturity. But it happened as this raging senior hit a security guard and now faces a court date unless it can be settled privately.

What is the point of all this? Well this is a running lifestyle site. We runners take our aggression out on the track and the road as well as on trails, and we gain prospective from our hobby and our sanity medicine from our chosen sport. Runners win their battles during their daily runs or in races. What we win is our health, our calm and our sanity in this crazy world.

So do not forget, even if we have injuries, we are runners and must maintain being one if we can. Get on that exercise bike or swim in the pool and whatever does not aggravate that injury to maintain some form of fitness that helps get rid of life’s aggressions. And being disciplined athletes, of course never let life’s mental challenges get the best of us. Now go out and kick some road ass!

Running With Imaginary Friends and Fantasy To Have Fun

A good friend of mine from yesteryears named Greg was a novice runner who used running as a way to beat his early teenage alcohol addiction. Greg was a brilliant journalism student at UCLA when we became roommates and friends and went on to write a New York Times best-selling book called Fat Land. When we ran together, it was at a pace where we could talk throughout the run. So on those slow run days in which I run solo which is mostly every day, I often think of Greg and even make pretend I am talking to him.

Then there is Dick, a brilliant businessman that looks and runs like an animal that when I feel like playing during the run, I think of Dick and beating on my chest as if he was there. And the list goes on of people I know and favorite race horses of mine that I imagine running next to me and at times I will even talk to these imaginary friends. Yes, I must look strange to others but who cares as everyone should have imaginary Friends.

College were some great years in my life as a runner. So I picture those wonderful years after a 5 to 10 mile run and breakfast with fellow runners after. I often buy small remembrances for my runs like my hipper bracelet of the past, just to have fun and remember what makes running so much fun.

Running in Varieties of Weather

Running in the outdoors requires one to adjust to the elements. Some love the hot summer weather or some the beauty of Fall and Spring and others, the freezing cold of winter invigorates them to run farther and faster.

Running in hot weather requires precaution especially as a senior runner to make sure one takes care of proper hydration. Best to stick to morning and early evenings rather than the hottest part of the day. I am not a lover of hot weather running although a nice run in the early morning or early evening is quite nice to get the sweat rolling. For me, I just need to pick the right times of the day as I prefer cooler weather.

I do not think I have meet a person that does not love to run in the Fall or Spring. Nothing more needs to be said.

Winter can be brutal. I love it. The colder, the better within reason. One problem is, serious runners do not hydrate enough being one sweats less in cold weather, but nevertheless, the water still leaves your body. Do not forget to drink and dress properly for cold weather if needed. Many dress more heavily than needed in cold weather and later as they get further into their runs, start peeling clothing layers.

Lastly, running in extreme weather like rain storms or snow storms and different kinds of nasty weather, I love it as it makes me feel special. While people are all nested in during a snow storm i love a nice long early evening run and then the aftermath of a hot shower and a good couple of brandies while sitting at the fireplace.

I have run during hurricanes and Asian typhoons and the worst conditions one can imagine and loved it. How about you?