Daily Rejuvenation

The working world can be tough at times, and so can personal and interrelationships. Folks with major league egos, or the lack of it, lash out in your work place because of insecurity, or just out of stress, as well as yours. Lack of concern for one another in the world we live in. We have been told and have learned to take care of our own, and that’s as far as it goes for most.

The world can be a petty place at times. It teaches us to hate, and learning to care about one’s own security with money, our interconnection is lost. It can be described as tit for tat.

So why are we runners different? Or are we? I say yes, as every time we go for that hour or more run and come back sweating, huffing, puffing and feeling great, we have a better understanding of reaching out and interconnecting. Why is this? Why should we care about such unimportant matters when we feel so good and know that our physical health, one of the things we are in control of, is successful?

A nice bottle of water, or the new day concept of chocolate milk or protein shake, then to the shower for a wonderful rinse off, and it’s like a rebirth. It feels great, so who cares about all the insignificant stuff in the world? We have found the daily rejuvenation. It is like starting life all over again after that hour or so run. Do other runners feel like I do with these daily new beginnings?

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