I Won’t grow Up

I remember watching a Seinfeld episode where George and Jerry were about to pitch their sitcom script to NBC and George got scared as hell. Jerry asks him why and George refers to the fact that he was going into a meeting with real business people in the real world, with suits and ties and wow, funny, but a revelation. We must be responsible adults as we have family obligations and we got bills to pay. We know the rich and famous who have no money problems but mostly have a whole other set of other problems that is serious stuff- like security and having some privacy in their lives- which means they can not go to many places we love without special considerations.

So what does this have to do with running? When 20 minutes into a run and we start to get the great feeling we all get, it always brings us to understand what’s important in life. The simplicity of the feeling of happiness and contentment, and knowing that the complications of the world is not really so complicated. We sleep, we eat, we communicate, and our needs can be so simple. For me i know i can’t be that real man in the real world wearing a suit and tie and pretending to be an adult. I refuse to grow up and why should we. Behind closed doors we act very differently with our child-like behavior surfacing. We are just big babies by nature.

Running really brings out that quality, from my experience, of bringing us back to our youth as we feel so good, and the world all of a sudden becomes not such a serious stressful place. The run puts things in prospective. Okay, yes there are times we must be all grown up as there is no choice especially during crunch time and working our professions. But the point is what could be more fun than being in our loving child-like behavior, being our true selves, and running is a super tool to bringing us there.

I asked a good friend of mine in his fifties, “How is work”? His response was not great and it’s not what i want to be when i grow-up. So let’s never grow up.

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