Let’s Not Forget the Lessons Learned…

Ah the fall is just is just around the corner and the change of colors in most of the parts of our great country. And the cool breezes in the season we all seem to love so much. But let’s not forget the lessons learned and lessons to learn with a little less then month left during the sweltering heat of the summer months.

We will not discuss in depth the common sense rules of running in heat and just a reminder of the basics. Keep hydrated to the max and if you run at mid-day in ninety plus and high humidity weather you better be in damn good shape or only blame yourself for the ambulance coming to pick up your not so smart self up off the ground. Also try to run very early in the morning or at evening time when things cool down a bit. And shade is your ally so look for those shaded trees.

Okay some of us love the heat but many of us prefer the fall and spring and the not-too-cold dead of the winter. The summer usually takes on the characteristic in many places of constant heat throughout most of this season where winter can ease off at times so summer months can be intense. So this can be a tough time for the novice runners as well as some of us that do not take the heat well.

But if you’re like many of us, it is a challenge to get in tip-top shape as well as the challenge of never letting the elements taking us down as long as we follow the laws of nature already discussed above.


So what is it about running in the heat that turns many of us on? For one, the intense sweating and getting hose toxins out of us. The great feeling after a sweaty run with the nice hot shower to the nice cool air conditioned house to a ice cold beer or cold beverage of our choice. You feel so good after a nice summer run even if in some cases we need to relax a little longer during the recovery period.

If you are the social type then people are outdoors doing many activities as well. For us loners this might be the only season we run with others and in some cases just by the chance of running alongside a stranger or someone you see from time to time out there on the path out there.

Then there is beach running as well that one can run barefoot which has some advantages in some folk’s opinions from time to time. And even though not the sweltering heat concept this is one of the few times of the year we can run at very high altitudes because during winter the weather is just too severe in these regions.

Then there is the free feeling of running shirtless if of male gender (or a very liberated woman). So in reality one can wear less which is just part of getting into the swing of this season. The main thing that is that one should take advantage of this time to get into great shape as the sweating and learning to handle the elements, leading to top conditioning.

So in summary, for us that prefer the cooler weather or even better the temperate weather this is a time to accept that we runners must always be up to the challenge and win over our ability to maintain the discipline. And what’s even better is when fall rolls in, Wow! what a great feeling that we can run again in the climate we love and at the same time we are defeating the SWELTERING HEAT OF SUMMER.

Best of health,

Bruce Silverman


Bruce Silverman
Founder Of Senior Runners


One thought on “Let’s Not Forget the Lessons Learned…

  1. I can easily be categorized as a summer runner, without any doubt. I’ve lived in Florida for about as long as I can remember it seems (and I’m having trouble remembering a lot of that)and you learn to own the mornings and the evenings in the summer and primarily the mornings due to the almost daily late afternoon thunder showers.
    I know how to dress for the heat, but am absolutely terrible when I venture up north and run when it’s cold. I always over dress! I really don’t like cold weather, but at about the 1/2 mile point, I’m shedding. If I were going to be there awhile, I’d considered hiding a storage box around the 1/2 mile point where I could strip to a sensible level and re-invest on my return. Ok, so a lot of stupid/silly things go through my mind when running.
    I do feel as though I’ve been somewhat purified when running in the heat. I can feel the toxins being purged out my body in sweat. It seems a very natural, and possibly necessary process. I do plan my daily runs around water fountain access, and modify my routes occasionally to accommodate adequate hydration since I don’t like carrying water. I will if I have to of course, but with a little planning, I can hydrate about every 2.5 miles on a normal 4-7 mile run. In the winter, and yes we do have winter of a sort here in norther Florida, although it is rare for it not to reach 60 deg F during the day. It can be in the 20’s and 30’s at night, even lowere rarely, which means I wait until about 10:00AM or so to run when it’ll at least be in the 50’s if not 60’s. I know those of you in the north are laughing at that, but not as hard as I laugh watching ya’ll shoveling snow!


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