Running and Sleeping

I do not want this to be a cliquish book as I am sure you all have read that running helps for a good night sleep. The fact is sleep is one of the most important aspects in a healthy life as is exercise and diet. All of these are important aspects in health and they usually just fall in place naturally as kind of a domino effect in a positive direction. If you are running daily, one tends to eat more carefully in preparation of how food affects your runs. Sleeping with a good daily run and a healthy diet just comes naturally.

The key element I want to put across is sleep time becomes a time of just unbelievable pleasure for me and most runners I know. With my two daily runs, my water consumption and my light meals during busy hours, I am loaded with energy and my night time leisure hours of a few drinks with a good show or DVD becomes a very peaceful event. When my head hits the pillow, I curl up like a infant and just relish in the good feeling of the comfort and in no time, I’m in that peaceful zone of sleep. And wow is the sleep quality good. Very few daily runners that I know do not sleep well. Some take a nice relaxing early evening run to unwind and that works best for them. For me the morning runs are to wake-up and focus and a late afternoon run to unwind. And wow does it work. So throw away the sleeping pills and get out your running shoes.

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