Running in Varieties of Weather

Running in the outdoors requires one to adjust to the elements. Some love the hot summer weather or some the beauty of Fall and Spring and others, the freezing cold of winter invigorates them to run farther and faster.

Running in hot weather requires precaution especially as a senior runner to make sure one takes care of proper hydration. Best to stick to morning and early evenings rather than the hottest part of the day. I am not a lover of hot weather running although a nice run in the early morning or early evening is quite nice to get the sweat rolling. For me, I just need to pick the right times of the day as I prefer cooler weather.

I do not think I have meet a person that does not love to run in the Fall or Spring. Nothing more needs to be said.

Winter can be brutal. I love it. The colder, the better within reason. One problem is, serious runners do not hydrate enough being one sweats less in cold weather, but nevertheless, the water still leaves your body. Do not forget to drink and dress properly for cold weather if needed. Many dress more heavily than needed in cold weather and later as they get further into their runs, start peeling clothing layers.

Lastly, running in extreme weather like rain storms or snow storms and different kinds of nasty weather, I love it as it makes me feel special. While people are all nested in during a snow storm i love a nice long early evening run and then the aftermath of a hot shower and a good couple of brandies while sitting at the fireplace.

I have run during hurricanes and Asian typhoons and the worst conditions one can imagine and loved it. How about you?

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