Running is a Religion for some

A good friend of mine who was a picture of health five years ago in Venice Beach California does not know my name today from early age Alzheimer’s. My partner since 1982 is a constant stress in my life. We do not see eye to eye and stay together purely due to major league business interest. I work from 1am to 4pm Monday through Friday and a bit on the weekends. Working a call center and web development company in the Philippines means working opposite hours,extremely stressful. The world around us, like the incredible Japan earthquake and tsunami makes it seem like the end of the world we know today. I have a 92 year old father and he is in wonderful shape and drives a car, but when he gets a cold, the doctor puts him in the hospital as a precaution as we, the family, worry to death. My brother who i brag about as a career UNICEF worker and now a UN employee rarely, if ever, calls me. I have to call him, and having very different personalities seems he wants to get off the phone with me very quickly. I do not even think he knew what i did for a living before i rammed our company website down his throat. I constantly engage him in his endeavors but he does not reciprocate. Same with my sister who is engulfed in her two children and three grand children. I brag about her abilities to my friends as an event planner and really not sure she even knows what i do for a living. I also must call her as she does not call me. I think we all have these problems as such in life which create our own inner turbulence.

The point is that life can tear one apart and often, it is the small things. I use to think about successful people and how they do it, until watching some of these same people fall apart during recent recessions, so we all have problems. We worry to death about our children and health and money and it never stops. Many put their lives in the hands of God as a way to deal with the extreme world we live in. Most of my friends who are very well educated might attend a Church or a Temple or a Mosque but mostly believe in a supreme being only by definition and not the written word, so more or less agnostic of such. They use religion as a way to cope with life’s problems.

The funny parallel is where i live in Baguio City in the Philippines, there is a monastery across the street. I as a grave yard shift worker will often run at 6am the same time there is a Catholic mass across the street. I seem to pass the same people going to church every morning. So seems like running has become my religion.

I run twice a day, about 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the early afternoon. I do a one and half hour or more run on Sundays. I never miss a day. The worse the weather the more i enjoy myself. I have a lovely family of 4 kids and a long marriage of going on twenty years. My business is good and my newest partner in our Web company/Call center is a super guy that i feel lucky to have. Where i live, the people are great and weather is perfect. So the good parts of life are enhanced by one’s running passion.

So this brings us to the theme of this book on running. Running takes away the stress of most of the problems in life and it heightens the enjoyment of the good things in life. After a nice run before a stressful day or after a stressful day, everything becomes good and alright. The endorphin high has been defined often by runners. Some say it’s like going back to the mothers womb meaning security, and for me just the feeling that everything is alright. A constant rebirth of sorts.

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