Running With Imaginary Friends and Fantasy To Have Fun

A good friend of mine from yesteryears named Greg was a novice runner who used running as a way to beat his early teenage alcohol addiction. Greg was a brilliant journalism student at UCLA when we became roommates and friends and went on to write a New York Times best-selling book called Fat Land. When we ran together, it was at a pace where we could talk throughout the run. So on those slow run days in which I run solo which is mostly every day, I often think of Greg and even make pretend I am talking to him.

Then there is Dick, a brilliant businessman that looks and runs like an animal that when I feel like playing during the run, I think of Dick and beating on my chest as if he was there. And the list goes on of people I know and favorite race horses of mine that I imagine running next to me and at times I will even talk to these imaginary friends. Yes, I must look strange to others but who cares as everyone should have imaginary Friends.

College were some great years in my life as a runner. So I picture those wonderful years after a 5 to 10 mile run and breakfast with fellow runners after. I often buy small remembrances for my runs like my hipper bracelet of the past, just to have fun and remember what makes running so much fun.

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