Showing Off Can Help Your Workouts

This is a point that needs to be made. I prefer to run where I can have privacy away from it all. So the farther away from the human race, the better in most cases. The solitude is what it is all about for peace and quiet and reflection. Nature is so lovely with the trees and lakes and other scenic stuff, after twenty or thirty minutes in the run, look so spectacular. Yes saying hello to a passing runner or bikers or a walker is fine. But what running is all about to many of us is a major league outlet to escape the turbulence in our lives and in the world we live in.

So when we decide that today is the day we want to run in a populated environment, there can be some major benefits that I will call the showing off factor just to get my point across. Now I am not saying we are all the same animals when it comes to wanting to run faster when others are watching which is part of my vain split personality on any given day. So if today is supposed to be a crawl run, then for sure a remote area is a must. But if everything feels good for me and I know I need to push a little, then having folks watching even if they couldn’t care less, has an effect on an up-tempo pace. I think most folks are like what I am depicting and want to look good out there. If this is your personality, then it can be a great help in your regimen to have a faster workout and one can use this method when you feel you need to run faster.

In summary of what is trying to be conveyed: We are runners and breathing hard and sweating is all part of our sport. So we can never look prefect out there like our professional heroes who are trained natural thoroughbreds. But we can use the showing off concept to go a little faster if it fits our personality, and it can be an added reward to our training.

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