The Blow Out

I think most of us have our normal routine which may be a 15 minute run, or a one hour run a day depending on how serious we are, how much time we have, or how much we can physically take. For me, it’s forty five minutes to an hour daily of fairly repetitive runs. I usually try to change my routes and also have many days each month where I have a second run on any given day. If I know I will run a second time, I might cut down on the distance of my first run.

Then there are days of feeling sluggish that might lead to a shorter run by listening to your body. If you are an addicted runner like me, you need to run every day.

So one day one might run slowly and the next day faster and the next day faster with a desire to put in some kind of speed work which are usually referred to as surges.

But then comes the weekend or a weekday where one needs a blowout of a nice time in the country or by the beach, a long relaxing run. For me it’s approximately 2 hours of running at a very comfortable pace, and wow this is my favorite run.

First comes the sense of accomplishment, not to mention an intense runner’s high. Equally as important is these runs are fun. I try never to push it but just to have fun. So I call this a blowout and always try to get one blowout in a week if possible.

Tell us about your experiences!

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