The Perfect Run

Saturday night is a time to relax with good food, family and friends and some good Vodka, beer and wine. A peaceful sleep knowing no work is scheduled on Sunday.

Sunday runs are the best. I start out at 5am and there are running clubs and regulars in groups that are out on the roads early every Sunday morning. From running in Baguio City for more than 6 years, I’ve come to know almost all these running groups. Sunday is my long easy social running day. I am an above average runner especially for a 55 year old, so I stay to run and talk for maybe 15 to 20 minutes at a time with these various groups. I usually run for two hours or more. Baguio is hilly so an easy run is still a great workout. People on the roads who run in groups have fun! At approx 7:15 AM, I am done and feeling great and i go to my family condo and drink fluids, have a little light weight training and the wonderful hot shower. What a perfect run followed by a nice peaceful family day. So Sundays for me are my perfect runs because the nature of these runs is to have fun. Plus, it makes the rest of my day so relaxing after a long fun run. Enjoy your perfect runs!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Run

  1. I’m 67 and have walked off and on all my adult life. I decided a month ago that I was going to try running. Well, I didn’t start out slow and I paid the price. I have tendonitis in both my knees. I can barely walk. I’m waiting to get past this, but do not want to give up. I think what I should do is start off walking, slower, and then over a couple of months pick the pace up and then try to run again in a few more months. Can you give me any advice on getting started again?

    • Hi Kathy
      We missed this comment can you please update us on tendonitis. Thank you

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