The Running Experience Is So Personalized

Yes I believe a part of the intellect is increased by consistent running and maybe this is a result of general health or a calming that gives us an ability to think more clearly. This I hope is not taken as arrogance but a witnessed belief. Science would tell you more, but I have seen a clear increase in what I would assume would be, not the IQ we are born with, but more of acquired knowledge that comes with desire and discipline, which is part of a runner’s mentality.

Others will say that runners started off as that animal that attracted them to a loners sport so running does not increase intellect as they were the intellectual type from the start.

This I know – that the running experience is very personalized. Some run so they can eat what they want or for weight control, while others do it for the feeling of well being referred to as the endorphin high. For some it is training, for others sports or just general fitness. However, for a runner that has run consistently through their adult lives, it is a lifestyle or even more so, life itself!

This book generally states what we runners hate when we miss a scheduled day of our workouts. The trot becomes very much our lifestyle. Whether traveling for business or drinking a mixed drink at a cocktail party, it becomes who we are. We can’t help but bring up the subject and many of us expound on this passion as running has become so personalized to us. We define ourselves in part by our timeless passion. I have heard over and over again ex-runners who had to stop due to injuries, say how much they miss their favorite sport and wish they did not have to stop.

The personalized experience of us runners vary and yet we have so much common ground. We talk about our personal experiences of running in snow or rain or on the trails, up the mountains. And even though it is a personalized experience, when we talk together about our ventures in the great outdoors, usually the listeners head is bobbing up and down at what becomes a shared experience of a common bond.

2 thoughts on “The Running Experience Is So Personalized

  1. As a near senior and not an avid runner, I find that a day of rest throughout the week is very important. I’ve read
    a lot of running articles that talk about this. Do you find that you put a day of rest in your workout week? I’d be concerned about injury for those seniors who run twice a day as you do.

    • Hi Rick

      We are all different animals so can not answer that question as am a believer of trial and error process. I do believe personally in cross training and using dumbbells at home. I also like to do strange strength building exercises that will be in our next newsletter. Sorry for late reply as we missed your comment.

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