To Race or Not To Race

If you want to see the results of your hard work, then the only measure is a race.

outfit_brookSo the question is do you run for mental sanity and for health only or to one day see how you measure up. I see people pounding the streets at the same slow pace, day in and day out and i often think if they had more incentives that they might put some speed into their daily runs and improve. Make not mistake about it that if you run a race with top effort there is a lot of pain involved. The workout if done right is the cliche of pain that turns into pleasure once you feel the endo high and once we are finish we also feel the pleasure.The race can be extreme pain. A friend of mine describe it well.Hugh says,everything i race i say that’s it,never again. I bitch and curse at myself and then the race is over and at the finish line there are race organizers for future races and there i am signing up for another race,insane.

By the way the endorphin high is a chemical reaction that triggers brain nerve endings and is best described by the feeling of well being. The heroin high of running some call it although i personally have never done heroin thank G-d.

So to race or not to race is the question? I say race at sometime or another so when you run you can improve and set goals. There are enough races and distances and people of marginal skills that you have nothing to fear. If you choose not to race then at least mix up your running and don’t do the same distance at the same speed everyday or you will more then likely burn out.

So how about you,to race or not to race?

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