timex-watchI love morning runs because of the obvious. If it’s a weekday, i am wide awake after an early morning run. A couple cups of coffee and the run and i am alive and chipper and relaxed, you know the story. On weekends, for me, it might negate my previous night’s over indulgences in celebration of down time.

A nice run rather then the five course lunch is great. After a hectic morning and when co-workers are ready to drop, you come back from that nice afternoon run with some Gatorade and an orange in hand, and you’re ready to tackle the afternoon challenges at hand.

Early evening or evening runs is when your bio rhythms are at their best for most according to the scientists. They can by far and away be the most relaxing runs.

So enjoy the run whatever time you choose, break the routine and try all the different times of day.

One thought on “WHAT TIME TO RUN

  1. I think an important tip is to find a time of day that works for you and make it part of your daily routine. For me, that is 4:15 AM. I like that time because I am morning person, it is tranquil and there is no traffic. I have my four miles in and am home by 5 AM. It gets me ready for the day and permits evening to be used for other enjoyable activities. I am lucky to live in a safe area, but no matter where you live, caution is important. I have been running at that time of day for several years and never encountered any issues other than taking a couple of spills and I ran into a mailbox one morning while adjusting my IPod (only my pride was hurt and at 4:15 AM, there is nobody to see you.) Love what you do and keep going out there! It is the best time of life and the most important time to exercise.

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